J’ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec Alain Renouf à de nombreuses occasions. J’ai pu apprécier sa rigueur et sa ténacité face aux problèmes fiscaux complexes que peuvent rencontrer les filiales d’un important groupe Pétrochimique Américain produisant et distribuant ses produits dans toute l’Union européenne et dans de nombreux pays du monde.

Sa compétence et son approche de la gestion fiscale ont été également très appréciées en interne, car Alain Renouf a su développer une coopération positive avec tous les services  de l’entreprise.

Il a par exemple créé des procédures simples mais fort utiles au  service financier et comptable pour suivre et anticiper la fiscalité des sociétés.

I have been in contact with Alain Renouf when he was the global head of VAT within Delphi.

I know him as a highly competent and business oriented professional. He has an exceptional ability to have a sense for specific areas with potential opportunities or risks.   A particular example in this regard is that he was the one who raised  that Delphi may have a right to claim interest because of the specific regulation that governed the repayment of VAT credit in Hungary. This was the start of one of our cases together which ended up before the European Court of Justice. Based on the Delphi case, not only Delphi Hungary but a number of other Hungarian companies reclaimed and received late interest from the Hungarian tax authority due to late repayment of VAT.

Alain Renouf  is also an open-minded, approachable and friendly person, able to  build excellent interpersonal relationships.  We conducted negotiations together on numerous occasions at the Ministry for National Economy  and  the feedback from the Ministry officers about  Alain Renouf  after the meetings has always been very positive mentioning  that it was a pleasure to deal with him.